1901 Club Open Day – Membership Scores High

1901 Club Open Day – Membership Scores High


The Gauntlet was thrown back to Team O&G.

Now, we love a challenge, especially when a challenge follows-on from previous success; the 1901 Club renewal campaign – whereby we created, designed and launched our innovative, online customer relationship portal for enthusiastic Seagulls fans. 

Team O&G scored an impressive 84% membership renewal within a fortnight. However, we then had the challenge of selling those remaining seats. This required some creative, dynamic thinking… 

The Answer…?
Seasonal timing was on our side and our hero concept was born; 1901 Club Open Day at the Amex Stadium was then set for 19th/01st /2017. An open day and club presentation selling premium membership for the remaining selected seats to ardent Seagulls fans.

The How…?
We needed to get the message out to the fans. A micro site was created to generate awareness of the campaign using social media, online advertising and targeted emails whereby fans registered their place for 1901 Club Open Day.

On the day, we placed club flags on selected available stadium seats, and after attending the club presentation -explaining the premium benefits (and who wouldn’t want the best seat in the house?), eager fans chose their seats by securing their flag with staff members and kicked-off their five year membership with the club.

Success roared in again!

We scored an impressive membership renewal result –with 96% of the remaining seats sold. The fans were happy, the club was happy – good result. Our success leaves only a few tickets up for grabs (so you’ll need to get in quickly), and before they reach the Premier League!

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