Don’t Play ‘Guess Who’ When It Comes To Your Audience!

Don’t Play ‘Guess Who’ When It Comes To Your Audience!


Remove the guesswork. Make audience tracking and lead generation simple by using the next generation analytics and data measurements. In business, there are some crucial questions to ask yourself; are you aware of how your audiences act, how they talk, how they think?

More specifically, what do they already know of your brand, and crucially, how far down the ‘conversion/sales funnel’ do they go? Could they be further gently persuaded with some targeted content…?

Every move you make, I’ll be watching you
As a business tool, data provides insight in to consumers; therefore, everything they do, every click they make defines who they are to both your business and your brand.

The result? It creates potential for a brand to deliver the ‘right’ content at the ‘right time’ during their online journeys.  For example, instead of emailing 30,000 people using the same message, why not tailor it?

Unlocking your audience’s online journey
True understanding of your audience or your consumer relies on a software upgrade – packed with forward-thinking analytics. We’re brimming with excitement as we launch SharpSpring here at O&G.

A sophisticated marketing automation tool, which tracks audiences even before you know their name!

SharpSpring goes beyond the typical capabilities of email service providers, such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, by providing complete information on a visitor’s activity after they’ve clicked through from an email. You’ll know every page visit, completed form, webinar sign up and white paper download from your email campaigns.

Put simply, it connects the dots and shows you where they have been, allowing a brand, company or agency to build powerful automation rules in order to send them relevant, engaging content, or targeted emails based on their interests. Leaving the traditional linear approach of tracking, err, out in the cold.

Making some tracks
Today’s next generation ‘Life if a Lead’ functionality tracks site and email interactions for every contact –even anonymous site visitors. It’s really very clever; once a consumer opens an email or completes a form, all their previous interactions are then linked to the submitted contact information. This means that each interaction can then trigger custom automation and actively engage (them,) at a crucial point in their unique buying process. Hello dynamism!

Hot prospects get hotter
From a business perspective, this is when your audience’s journey gets hotter, more dynamic.

Use of ‘Lead Scoring’ enables you to identify the hottest prospects. Here’s the clever bit explained further; a lead’s score rises based on their engagement with your website (regardless of whether they use their laptop, iPad, mobile phone, or tablet). It tracks the multiple devices your contact may use to visit your site, easily enabling a snapshot of your audiences every mood, whim and fancy, at a click of the button. 

In short, it makes life easier and it increases sales.

Shun the ‘Guess Who’ game - gain in depth audience or consumer analysis to create a wealth of potential for your businesses; open up the opportunities for targeted content approaches, and ultimately, conversions.

Click here to see the 8 main features and a demo

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