We believe in every brand’s gravitational force.

We believe in every brand’s gravitational force.

November 2016

At O&G, we make sure that every project becomes a powerful sales trigger for its brand. The project we developed for Builders’ Conference wasn’t an exception to the rule.

This was a complex task as it involved creating a new brand identity, designing the front-end of their new website and managing a self-promo video from scratch for the construction sector’s leading membership based Trade Association. Everything was based on strong market analysis and target audience research. With all this in mind, our team designed a new logo, came up with fresh colour schemes, business cards and cityscape illustration visuals.

Without wasting any time, we soon went onto designing the front-end of their new website, shaping the new Builders’ Conference identity into a clean, modern and stylish representation of the company and what it stands for. Immaculate and shipshape visuals set the mood for the brand’s viewers to delve into all that the company has to offer.

The cherry from the cake was a clever self-promo video we have designed, storyboarded and animated in order to show everyone how all the brand elements work together.

Soon after launching the new Builders’ Conference identity, website and video, the brand became a magnet for viewers, clients and contractors from within the construction sector.

Click here to view the brand identity and animation on the new website.


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