Curating Opulence & Optimising Code

Curating Opulence & Optimising Code

November 2017

After having their current sites live for around 3 years, the time had come to curate and refresh Elites 4 hotels web presence.

We buffed each website's digital facade, to reveal a dynamic, elegant customer centred design. The complexity of customised code, crafted behind the scenes means a clean, light and clarified guest experience on screen.

Each click effortlessly greets you with a highly visual, optimally responsive page that respectively honours the hotel's individuality and opulence.

The vast facilities and grounds span over hundreds of acres, so we've always found it complex to encompass all the beauty offered. The solution however was to swoop over the grounds and shoot film from above and inside. We filmed a collection of poignant moments and glimpses into the Elite experience.

The videos capture each hotels distinctive charm and have become a focal point of the websites.

Take a look at the refresh hereā€¦.

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