Magic Reimagined

Magic Reimagined

August 2017

Magic of Lapland is a family operated company that offers bespoke luxury holidays in Lapland. They commissioned us to give their aging website a fresh redesign.

Their old site needed modernising both visually and from a user-experience perspective. It was generally difficult to navigate and failed to effectively capture the majesty of Lapland. We were granted the creative freedom to start from scratch… and we definitely made the most of the opportunity!

Our team of designers quickly realised that there was a vast library of beautiful photography available that wasn’t being properly utilised, so a key part of the redesign was to place a far greater emphasis on imagery across the site, to create a more expansive and grander aesthetic. The quality of the photography enables the user to feel immersed in the stunning landscapes.

To compliment the strong imagery we created typography that was both elegant and bold, surrounded by ample white space to give it a clean, premium feel. The old site had small text that was hard to read, so we increased the font size and refined line spacing and width for an optimal reading experience.

When it came to the colour palette we were keen to brighten the aesthetic of the overall website, to evoke the white, pure terrain of Lapland. Brush texture was used in areas to replicate snow, with contemporary iconography introduced to compliment the typography.

The finished product resulted in a much more appealing and highly modernised site, clearly reflecting their unique message and exclusive products.

Now they can continue proudly in pursuit of sharing a piece of their magic with the hearts of many.

Experience the magic:

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