Introducing... The Bat Builder

Introducing... The Bat Builder

June 2017

The Newbery heritage combines tradition, legends, innovation and master craftsmanship. Since the early 1900’s, Newbery has continued to build their legacy, and consistently raise the bar with their superior bat-making intelligence. 2017 beckoned a new direction for them, and it seemed only right that team O&G put on our thinking caps and helped to build their vision.

Their main inspiration was the desire to modernise the way they interact with their customers, and enable them full reign in building their own custom Newbery bat. From the starting spine profile all the way to the finishing touch of a personalised initial stamp – every element was to be studied.

Based on the initial client briefing, we got straight to work mapping out an e-commerce journey that would revolutionise their customers’ entire shopping experience.

And so, the 'Bat Builder’ was born.

From start to finish, we carefully tailored each customisable page to suit our client’s brand, motif and stylised edge -- all bases were covered!

The end product was an alliance of design and organisation of which O&G are proud to put our name to.

From the moment each custom-made Legacy order has been processed, the exact specifications are transported straight to the workshop, and the life cycle of the bat build begins!

Newbery certainly go above and beyond that of the average bat-maker. Photographs of each Legacy are posted to customers on Twitter and Instagram throughout the entire build, to keep them informed each step of the way.

Using social media to interact with their customers, by offering behind-the-scenes access to their builds is yet another way Newbery is embracing new ways of reaching the public, whilst remaining true to their roots.

Their powerful message of honesty and integrity behind their processes are what sets Newbery apart from the rest.

Experience the Bat Builder:  

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