Make Branding Your Friend

Make Branding Your Friend

May 2017

A fresh brand look and feel empowers your company to think differently…and when you start doing this, it undoubtedly encourages companies to be bolder, and further explore their strengths under a new light.

Use design to communicate your brand’s message and promote a fresh way of thinking.
This benefits both the company and its audience and consumers. In some cases, a brand refresh serves as a way to identify yourself to new customers and the wealth of consumer potential out there. 

Welcome The New.
Ultimately, every brand reaches a turning point when they must invest money within their brand identity -either to maintain and/or enable brand alignment with the current trends or demands and align themselves with competitors.
In 2016, we saw some of our iconic British brands undergo a brand refresh and in some cases, a total redesign of their logo. Examples of these include, The Co-op, Morrisons, Guinness, BT, and not forgetting the Premier League!

So far, the upshot of this has been well received with consumers, audiences and agencies alike – most concluding that these refreshes have been hugely beneficial and agreeable all-round.

Does Your Brand Deserve Attention?
Therefore, we ask you: is 2017 the year that your brand deserves some attention? How would you like to explore your business strengths and then successfully market this message?

Here at O&G, we’re well versed when it comes to working with businesses and their branding; we’ve helped create new brand identities and fostered brands as they push the refresh button with triumph.

Want to see how O&G do this?
See our work with Calfordseaden, the architecture and surveying giants.

See our work with Brand building from scratch using pure creativity.

See our work with Axis the £150 million-property services business, lacked one clear, unified brand identity -we changed this.

What’s stopping you from hitting the refresh button?

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