A powerful transformation

A powerful transformation

March 2017

Sussex based, Local Fuels, approached O&G to carry out a brand re design, with an inclusive revision of their brand messaging.

Naturally, we embraced this.

Championing the Marketplace:
The brand wanted to align with their market competitors, whilst attracting a broader market, and become more inclusive towards female drivers (aspiring to lose the male-dominated image that had been inadvertently gained).  They wanted to further develop their business chain and business strategy, as they evolved themselves going-forwards.

A New Brand Name:
We duly considered all the angles and executed some research; at the heart of the brand re design, came a fresh brand name, POWER Fuels.
They wanted to promote and popularise their clean, high-performance fuels, ensuring customers recognise and appreciate the healthy engine benefits of their fuel, whilst promoting their local status and their own group of regional service stations.

With the research completed, we provided the brand with three concepts for their brand re-design and we explored various creative concepts to uncover and further hone their brand identity, which encompassed the creation of a fresh ‘hero’ colour scheme. Team O&G soon came up with a contemporary brand identity that represents the brand’s strong future whilst tying-in to its Local Fuels history and the brand’s core foundations.

Mighty Business Development:
An industrious brand through-and-through, POWER Fuels have taken business development seriously; within just a few years, the family-run business has gone from owning one service station to owning an impressive thirteen regional stations. That’s not all, they now have their own distribution centre, located in West Sussex. It’s here that they store over 15 million litres of fuel and they supply Hampshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex areas with their premium fuel.

POWER Transformation:
All their petrol stations are currently undergoing a complete overhaul, including brand new shop fittings. Team O&G didn’t stop at branding…we’re thrilled to be project managing and over-seeing the entire installation process. POWER Fuels are firmly revved into high gear; offering clean power with every turn of their customer’s engine.

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