Shake Off Wasted Ad Spend

Shake Off Wasted Ad Spend

March 2017

It’s becoming all too easy to experience wastage in PPC, due to the paid search market becomes further saturated with new developments, guidelines and regular updates from Google.

It’s little wonder that this creates a maze of challenges for businesses to uphold standards and their strategies start to lose potency.

R is for…Relevancy
Upholding relevancy is key for any PPC marketer, it’s hugely important that every keyword, landing page and AdGroup are on-point with their relevancy, in order for potential customers to find what they’re looking for with ease.

Users will bounce once they don’t find what they were looking for, costs can spiral and ultimately, nobody wins.

Struggles to maintain relevancy is something that spans both small and large businesses alike –certainly not exclusive to digitally naïve businesses!

When brands expand their product repertoire, their budgets increase, their marketing aims increase, and those once-held ‘high standards’ in relevancy can become watered down or even lost altogether. The result is financial wastage.

Slice the Dice - Segmentation
Solutions to the problem have been tackled by businesses, although not always with success. For example, use of short tail to maximise coverage and using the same Ad copy across the board. In short, this wastes money and a business can then find themselves relegated to the bottom of search reports.

The keyword is no longer king in paid search; audience data segmentation analysis paves the way for clear actionable insight.

By slicing data in different ways, it’s easy for businesses to uncover who is clicking on keywords.

Tackling paid search from various angles (catering to specific demographics), marketers should see a higher lead to impression ratio. Analysis can be segmented into insightful areas such as perceived gender and age, income, browsing habits, the context in which they’re searching within (depending on a user’s device).

Further tweaks can reveal where they are, when they browse and how long they’ve spent on your site in the past.

There is no reason why you can’t have tailored bids and Ad copy to increase consumer relevancy.

Segmentation analysis enables a business to mange data and finds user patterns.

Smaller clients may take a while to make meaningful bidding decisions (if looking at performance or campaigns data). For larger clients, the sheer data available often makes it easy to get lost in the maze of pivot tables.

Staying ahead
The constant updates and rule changes have caught-out many marketers and cost them money in the process.  

Want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to Google AdWords? Of course you do.

This means creating a healthy, happy relationship with Google, or use an agency that does this.

Stay Relevant. Stay Skilled.

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