Solos Embark On A Fresh New Chapter With O&G Behind Them

Solos Embark On A Fresh New Chapter With O&G Behind Them

April 2017

Solos are firmly established as the UK’s #1 singles tour operator. However, as a long-term O&G client, we gently encouraged them to take some bold steps forward in 2017… We did this by inspiring and cultivating a fresh new chapter when it came to their tried and tested 200-page product-led brochure. 

After an initial client briefing, we gained insight into their thoughts and strategy proposals around brand re-alignment. It was a case of: ‘out with the old and in with the new’ as O&G boldly rebranded their brochure to ‘Go Solos’…the new brand journey had begun.

Team O&G devised and created a sophisticated publication, brimming with creative, inspirational images, showcasing Solo’s inclusive worldwide destinations.

We created relaxed, lifestyle page compositions; truly deserving the ‘glossy coffee table’ magazine status.

Read our case study here:

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