How do you use design to
tell a brand’s story?
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Calford Seaden are a prominent building company with services stretching from architecture to surveying to restoration. But they were lacking a distinct visual identity that tied all of this together.
For the logo, we created a multicoloured wheel-style icon and clean, discreet typography to project creativity, unity, progress and solidity. And, since the brand was celebrating its 25-year anniversary, we wanted to capture that moment. So, we used 25 visual segments to shape the logo - the greatest fireworks everybody started to watch.
The brand’s brand-new guidelines
Once approved, we designed a website with a clean, colourful, personable layout that showcased the quality of their work and also their people skills.
And starring on the site? Our colourful animation telling the story of their brand through engaging characters and images.
Finally, we wove all these elements together to create an innovative exhibition space that included a totem pole with key brand messages, a screen for the animation and, most importantly of all, a jellybean dispenser.
Calford Seaden now have a fresh, strong visual identity with enough momentum to carry their brand and projects for years to come.

Now, thanks to its fresh apparel, the brand makes an entrance everywhere it’s displayed: leaflets, documents and magazines consumers won’t resist to leaf through page by page. That’s what a perfect visual homogeneity does to a brand.