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Flowing from brief, to completion...
Magma Aviation is a specialist air cargo management company that transport air freight across the globe

After Chapman Freeborn increased their stake in Magma to a majority share two years ago, O&G were approached as creative marketing partners for Chapman Freeborn, to look at implementing a creative style and guidelines for the Magma brand.

Our studio team set out to create a distinctive brand identity that would help build awareness of the Magma Aviation company, and enable their customers and prospects to recognise them in a crowded sector.

The first aspect of the brand that we wanted to explore was imagery. After research and exploration, the studio created the Magma Gradient. Taking the existing gradient from the Magma logo, the studio created an intricate and dynamic pattern that resembles the fluidity of lava, providing added depth to reflect the flexibility of the brand.

Following on from imagery, the team explored colour usage, typography, copywriting and multiple applications to provide Magma Aviation with a clear set of instructions for producing all communications and marketing materials going forward.

Both teams at Chapman Freeborn and O&G are really excited about the brand refresh, and are slowly starting to roll out the first few pieces of collateral in the new style. O&G have also been commissioned by Chapman Freeborn to overhaul Magma’s current website to provide them with an online presence that is as efficient and contemporary as their new branding.