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How do you make a super-human product sound, well, more human?
This was the challenge that Juniper brought to us. A multi-national technology corporation based in California, they had a unique product and a common dilemma. Essentially, they needed us to market a cutting-edge innovation in a relatable way

Juniper had taken a leap and bought Mist, the world’s first ever AI-powered WiFi. This was enterprise wireless that could think for itself, make decisions and troubleshoot problems, freeing up crucial time for organisations.

Working with Nuvias, Juniper’s goal was to sell Mist to key business decisions makers — but without bombarding them with IT jargon and plastic corporate language. More importantly, they wanted to make it clear that Mist could solve most common enterprise WiFi gripes.

So we devised a multi-level campaign that included core boilerplate copy, a thought leadership case study, animations, web pages, email marketing and social media. We took a dual messaging approach, conveying the problem-solving benefits of Mist alongside the aspirational elements of having truly futuristic wireless.

Most importantly, we made sure that we used a down-to-earth, approachable tone, including social media posts with humorous pop cultural winks. We swapped over-formality for natural language, so instead of ‘improve efficiency’ we used ‘turbocharge’. Instead of ‘unreliable legacy system’ we used ‘flaky WiFi’. And instead of ‘innovative’ we used ‘game-changer’.

In short, AI-powered WiFi avoided sounding robotic and came across like a friend you could trust instead.

For the creative assets required to support the campaign, we chose a clean, graphic art direction to help bring clarity to the messaging.

In the absence of a voice-over within the animation it was important to keep the visuals simple to ensure they would compliment the on-screen text without detracting from it.

The minimal colour palette and rounded typography combine to create a friendly, approachable aesthetic.

The result? Juniper loved our fresh, personable messaging and have launched the campaign across Europe, with the goal of making enterprise WiFi a whole lot smarter.

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