Driving a powerful transformation
Local Fuels are a family-run Sussex business, which has been in operation for 25 years. They have grown from supplying heating oil to owning and running 13 petrol stations. 2017 marked the time the business wished to reinforce their success, which is where we came in…

O&G duly considered all the angles and executed some research; at the heart of the brand re-design, came a fresh brand name, POWER Fuels.
The POWER Fuels contemporary logo centres around the original Local Fuels flame icon, whereby the refreshed, modernised icon represents the brands strong future whilst tying in to its Local Fuels heritage and the brand’s core foundations. We made the fresh flame icon from six triangles, which can be de-constructed and used as an extension to the brand when required.
Futura was chosen as the brand’s typeface; we looked at its visual impact when presented in Bold, Medium and Book weights. The typography also combines (graphically) with other brand elements – namely the use of patterns. There are two key patterns (within the brand element), and we explored their visual impact creatively. We then explored logo spacing options and logo size options; we worked with the brand to hone their identity and create a fresh ‘hero’ colour scheme.
We gave POWER Fuels a bold and varied primary colour palette – which was open to development. To add weight, we explored the aspect of background colours; this really enhanced both the logo and the brand on another level. In addition, O&G designed and produced graphics for the service station, along with a new livery.
Previous design
The name ‘POWER’ calibrates the brand entirely, because in the short space of a few years, the family-run business has gone from owning one service station to owning an impressive thirteen regional stations. That’s not all, they now have their own distribution centre located in West Sussex. It’s here that they store over 15 million litres of premium fuel – supplying the Hampshire, Kent and Surrey and Sussex areas with fuel.
The rebrand complete
O&G also art directed a photo-shoot within one of the newly renovated service stations. The professional photographs were to be used in literature and further marketing campaigns for POWER Fuels.
The new brand is looking to attract a broader market and further develop their business chain, whilst aligning the brand with their market competitors. All of the elements came together to deliver a cohesive, clean and fresh brand – one that covers signage, brochures and reports inclusively.