Love Apprenticeship
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Building a brand from scratch is guaranteed to get Team O&G’s enthusiasm bubbling and our minds buzzing with the challenge ahead. is no exception.
The creative process was firmly left to us to lead the way, as at this point, only the company name and target audience were identified.

We became inspired with bright, vibrant colours and concepts –as a way of engaging our target audience of school leavers and potential young college applicants.

Being an artful and visual team at O&G, we further evolved the concept by creating some sketches around the core words ‘love’ and ‘apprenticeship’ and confidently working these concepts into an identity.
Colour was a huge consideration for everyone concerned, especially our target audience. Our creative exploration was influenced by popular trends, brands and cultures – we wanted to create strong visual graphics around the words

As our imagination flowed, the client provided feedback; various fonts and typefaces were explored in expressive and playful ways along with various ––word combinations.
We cracked the brief, with three strong visuals presented to the client, which were an instant hit.

Our vibrant and fresh visuals became key in creating the brand’s development and the nationwide rollout of the brand along with future campaigns.